Welcome to the SaferMD QCDR Quality Reporting Registry for Diagnostic Radiology

SaferMD is working in collaboration with Suncoast RHIO Qualified QPP Registry for MIPS Reporting under MACRA


To get started, you will need the following:

1. A Signup Sheet which will establish your logon credentials

2. A Software License Agreement

3. A Business Associate Agreement

4. A Signed Consent Form

5. A Work Order with Terms of Service from SaferMD

6. Answer a Few Short Questions for us to validate your eligibility and readiness

7. Choose 1 or more of our supported methods of getting your data to us

                            Portal Data Entry

                            Download and fill in a spreadsheet on your own time with our instructions

                            EHR Direct Data

                            EHR Report

                            A CSV (Comma Separated Value) File for use with our CMS API (Application Program Interface) Token

                            Send us Billing Data for the number of months of performance (837 Method)

    Then, go to the Contact Us tab and send us your choice and we will be in touch with you

Registration and signup documents are available HERE (Our Forms Library is being updated.  Please go to our Contacts page and send us your contact information and we will call and set you up.  Sorry for any inconvenience.)

If you are ready to begin with our speadsheet intake method, please start below for intake.  Use your assigned account, download, spread sheet and when done, use upload options to place in our secure repository: