Lou Galterio, President of SunCoast RHIO and Lana Woods, has teamed with top leaders and firms to bring this solution to providers.  Lou has a long background as CIO at large hospitals such as Health and Hospitals Corporation of New York City and The New York Hospital/Columbia Presbyterian Network as well as a number of clinics and ACO's.  Lana Woods acts in the role of Quality and Chief Operations Expert.  She ran clinics in Florida; is familiar with the U.S. Federal and the Canadian Health Care System.  She was a nurse educator before joining SunCoast RHIO.  She has a strong analytical and a detail oriented measure confirmation skillset.  Our teams represent years of technology accomplishment with a proven history of success in the electronic quality measures (eCQM) field; PQRS; Shared Savings; GPRO; Bundled Payments; and Value Based Modifier.  We treat every client's work as a project and we run our firm as a Project Management Office.  Our work quality is guaranteed and your results are assured.

We support all Measure Reporting Efforts Including:

Measure Groups, Individual Measures, GPRO Measures, and eCQM's for Meaningful Use.

See our "Services" page for a Current Listing.  We are HIPAA Compliant Business Associates and AHIIMA IGAM Level 4.5.  We

can help you in setting up an Encrypted Direct Account.  SunCoast RHIO is an active member of the National Quality Forum, NQF.

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 Our team of senior strategists and operational measure submitters are managed by the leaders of the firms. The QPP and MIPS Gateways were built in response to the complexity of quality measure reporting.  Our company is supported by 10 individuals, 2 of which are principals.