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Beyond The Box

We combine the strengths of SunCoast RHIO with proven partner organizations.  We are a Qualified PQRS Registry, and the only one with CMS esMD certification for 5 years .

Electronic Health Records, report Quality Measures as eCQM's in the Meaningful Use Program.  PQRS is a separate system with it's own rewards, penalties, and processes. 

Doing Both can be challenging.  Let Suncoast RHIO help. 

***  We regret we are not accepting new business for 2015 at this time. Call us to discuss your 2016 needs! ***

Interpretation and Validation are keys 

Interpretation of the regulations

Interpretation of your documentation and claims. 

Validation of the measures so you keep your money.  

Crosswalk Reporting - Ambulatory and Hospital Measures.

Workflow & Compliance Alignment


Sensible Solutions

For Quality Reporting and Value Based Care, we manage all necessary steps you need to identify measures, validate, tabulate, calculate, forecast, and report to CMS. 

Forward Thinking

Best Reporting 2013, 2014, 2015, and now, 2016.  Coming this year, new MIPS and APM support for new programs (PQRS+ ACO), www.MIPSEHR.com, www.APMGateway.com

Our Client Strategy

Depending on your specific requirements, we help you understand which measures make sense, so you can avoid audit and penalties and protect your revenue and assets.

 It's COMPLICATED. we have a strategy-Get Started NOW for 2016 Submission  1-855-MIPS EHR


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